Our Story

Zoom SEO Services are not born by accident, our founder and top line management are following SEO trends since it gained popularity in India from 2006. Many major changes in google's algorithm, policies, standards are gone by which our core team has faced and tracked.

A decade ago doing SEO was normal and easy anyone could do it just create repeated keywords, generate a lot of backlinks and you are their on the top very quickly but at that time the need of google for user and business both was not like its now so obviously old ways don't work now its a new competitive, organized, compliant world now for both search engines and businesses both have to provide great value to their customer in order to get business and growth in sales, popularity, customer loyalty, ROI.

Because of all this transition our founder started Zoom SEO Services in 2015 with a sole purpose to provide quality seo services to clients and solve a problem to actually follow standards provided by google for long lasting results not quick results.

In order to get good output you have to be patient while putting the input in SEO results at least as per today's trend.

We are working day and night to solve this problem by helping our clients get higher search engine rankings for the long term. We try different strategies, invest in research and development, participate in events to be well aware of what's happening now and predict what's going to happen next and be ready for it.

We are a team of professional and passionate people who love to solve problems for small or large businesses in terms of SEO services.

That's our story. Solving problems and making the internet a better place for businesses and visitors who are looking for information.