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In this era of the internet where everything is found just a click away! Being visible on search engines is a must for a business to survive in this competitive online world. To put your website or business on the first google search page is our priority by providing professional search engine optimization services (Affordable SEO Services) at a price which will not dig a hole in your pocket.

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Many mountain climbers try to summit the biggest mountain in the world or their local area, but the key ingredient for success is when you have proper tools, coaching and strategies. Google search rankings or any search engine for that matter is the mountain which every website is trying to climb and summit to the first page or top 10 positions by doing International SEO or Local SEO. But without proper tools and experts help it fails! Only a team of Professional SEO experts can take you there, who has put other’s there 1000s of times.

Why Choose SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

If you have a website obviously you have invested your time and money in it but what's good for it, if it does not generate any ROI for your business. This is where search engine optimization services come into play which put your website in higher search ranking to rise above your competitors and stand out among the voices where people are looking for a service or product you offer. Ranking higher on google or other search engines increases visitors on your website which then convert into lead and sales.

Why Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline which has hundreds of factors when implemented at the right time and strategically brings higher and lasting SERPs. Because search engine algorithms and softwares changed over thousands of times in last 2 decades only a SEO company whose roots are deep to understand and act accordingly will definitely make SEO work in your favor by implementing below listed seo techniques:

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Looking for the best SEO services company in India? We aspire to be your partners in your online growth with the way we consult, implement, and manage our entire business’s SEO strategy.

Since 2008 our company has grown into a strong team of SEO specialists handled more than 1729+ projects with our professional SEO services, we have an in-house and award winning SEO experts team with experience of providing reliable proven results for our existing clients.

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Search engine optimization techniques

SEO Optimized Content Strategy:

From hundreds of factors for higher ranking on keywords to drive organic traffic and quality leads. Engaging and unique content plays a very vital role that’s why CONTENT as we know or heard IS THE KING in any killer content strategy. Our professional content strategists and content writers produce high-quality seo content which is fresh, engaging, informational to represent your business in the best possible way by hand picking top topics which users are searching for on search engines.

Strategic Keyword Research

Strategic keyword research is the beginning and very critical for a successful SEO strategy. Keywords being key variables to produce formulating search results for any industry of business require extensive research to figure out which keyword your site is currently ranking on, which keywords should be targeted next as per attraction on search engine, which keyword should be our top priority to compete with competitions so that existing or new content can be optimized for the shortlisted keywords.

On-page SEO & Technical SEO

Manual Changes made by On-Page SEO specialists directly on your website, webpage or blog to optimize content, site speed, responsive design, multimedia increases ability to be seen on search engines has tremendous benefits for overall SEO strategy. Before starting Technical SEO we conduct a free website SEO audit to analyse 200+ on-page seo factors. Top techniques which we cover in our SEO packages for on-page seo services are meta-tags, internal linking, alt tags, schema, robots.txt, sitemap, url structure and many more.

Off-page SEO & Link Building

Core ranking factor for higher page ranking on search engines is obtaining high-quality backlinks, internal linking, promotion of content, social media optimization, etc which are part of Off-Page SEO services and Link building activities. Backlinks are of three types: natural links, created links, built links. In short Off-page SEO is all about building a spider web of your website’s urls, piece of content connecting with highest authority websites the more it's linked the more it helps in building a solid online presence for search engine optimization. Some of Off-page SEO Techniques are creating shareable content, Guest author, Social media engagement, Forum submission, Blog directory submission, Article submission, Q&A, Video submission, images submission, Document sharing, Google my business, Web2.0 submission.

Local SEO & Organic Results

Local SEO services work best for restaurants, dentists, chiropractors, realtors, lawyers, accountants, service level businesses who want potential leads / customers from specific neighborhoods, cities, towns, suburbs. It’s a fast and best strategy to increase sales, visitors and revenue when executed by experienced local SEO experts. Local SEO campaign’s key ingredient is local citation profile creation and optimization such as Google maps, Google my business, Bing local listings, Local Google Ads, Business listing websites such as Justdial, Practo, Indiamart, Yellowpages, Goibibo, Tripadvisor and many more relevant to each industry of service or products.

International SEO and Ecommerce SEO

Unlike local SEO which targets specific local area’s international SEO services target countries. If your business is multilingual, selling products to multiple countries or providing services around the globe. International or Ecommerce SEO services will establish your website as a brand around the globe to generate sales and revenue from any language, culture, city or country. Zoom SEO Services is a trusted ecommerce SEO agency for businesses worldwide serving more than 500 overseas clients from a variety of business sizes, segments and industries.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Like a game of football when a player does something unethical they get penalised or a penalty, maybe a warning or suspended from the game. The same way Google also raises penalties on websites for not complying with google search engine optimization policies it can be a manual penalty or algorithmic penalty which leads to disastrous effect on websites for loss of leads or product sales. Our google penalty recovery team understands and complies with google’s search software Panda and Penguin algorithm updates on a frequent basis. Google’s common penalty filters are low-quality internal or external linking, Hidden keywords or texts, Poor-quality content, keyword stuffing, spammy structured markup.

Free Website & SEO Audit

The first step for any successful SEO campaign is to identify the technical glitches with websites or existing SEO campaigns. To do the audit faster and accurately our professional SEO technical team has already prepared a score based advanced audit checklist to perform a comprehensive SEO analysis on any website. Our SEO audit includes our proprietary and 3rd party tools to find the score of your website based on below mentioned factors:

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Affordable SEO Packages for your business

Are you ready to put your website on the first page of google? Great! We are offering SEO packages for all sizes of companies or small businesses due to that we have ready to start search engine optimization packages and our team can also prepare a custom made plan as per your business need if required. Looking forward to welcoming you into our family.

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